Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems - Give Your Business the Power of the Earth!

Ground Source Heat Pumps are an energy efficient, environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling commercial buildings. They deliver reliable heating and cooling year round, regardless of season. GSHPs can simultaneously heat and cool different parts of the building based on the desired comfort level. Being a total electric system, a Ground Source Heat Pump eliminates the need for multiple utilities while potentially saving 25-50% on energy consumption. These benefits, along with the longevity of the loop field, make Ground Source Heat Pumps a smart choice for commercial applications whether its residential or industrial.

Vertical Systems

Vertical Systems utilize the natural thermal properties of the Earth. The loops system circulates a water or antifreeze solution through a closed loop network of plastic pipes that are inserted into vertical bore holes. During the winter the solution absorbs the heat of the earth and carries it to the equipment in the building. In the summer it works in reverse. It takes the heat of your home and distributes the heat back to the earth.

Horizontal Systems

Horizontal Systems also utilize the Earth's plentiful and renewable thermal characteristics. Like the Vertical Systems, the horizontal Systems circulate water on antifreeze solution through a closed loop network of sealed pressurized plastic pipes that are buried in the ground. However, instead of inserting the plastic pipes into vertical wells, the pipes are bored in horizontally at a depth of 5 or more feet.

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