Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump has the ability, through reverse refrigeration, to provide both heating and cooling with one unit. In the summer a heat pump will extract heat and discharge it to the outside, leaving the inside air cooler. In the winter, by reversing the flow of the refrigerant, the unit extracts heat from the outside air and brings it inside where its distributed through the duct work. In commercial applications the heat pump can be either a package unit or a split unit. A packaged unit contains both coils and can be set on the roof or the ground and air passes through the ceiling or the wall and connect to the duct distribution system. While a split system has the heat pump with the condenser coil outside and the a-coil is inside the building in the air handler which is connected to the ductwork. Heat pumps are an efficient means to both heat and cool. Heat pumps can be connected to a fossil fuel furnace or an electric heat strip which is included in the air handler to provide additional heating.

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