Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems - Give Your Home the Power of the Earth!

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems can be installed in any residential structure, be it a single or multi family structure. GSHPs can be installed on almost any size lot and suitable for new construction or existing homes. In addition to both heating and cooling your home ground source heat pumps can help provide your home with hot water. A geothermal system can cut energy consumption by 20-50% and reduce maintenance cost. ClimateMaster's QE unit can actually supply 100% of your hot water!

Ground Source Heat Pumps utilize the relative constant temperature of the earth or body of water. In most cases all of the equipment, both for heating and cooling set inside the house. The inside equipment is connected to a loop field that is either installed in the earth (horizontal or vertical) or floated in a lake.

Vertical Systems

Vertical Systems utilize the natural thermal properties of the Earth. The loops system circulates a water or antifreeze solution through a closed loop network of plastic pipes that are inserted into vertical bore holes. During the winter the solution absorbs the heat of the earth and carries it to the equipment in the building. In the summer it works in reverse. it takes the heat of you home and distributes the heat back to the earth.

Horizontal Systems

Horizontal Systems also utilize the Earth's plentiful and renewable thermal characteristics. Like the Vertical Systems, the Horizontal Systems circulate water or antifreeze solution through a closed loop network of sealed pressurized plastic pipes that are buried in the ground. However, instead of inserting the plastic pipes into vertical wells, the pipes are bored in horizontally at a depth of 5 or more feet. Horizontal boring is less evasive than trenching in a horizontal loop field.

Lake Systems

Pond/Lake Systems utilize a nearby body of water, such as a pond or lake, and may be the most economical closed loop system to install. The Pond/Lake System is also a closed loop of sealed pressurized plastic pipes with water or antifreeze solution. However, the pipe is submerged into a body of water where it can utilize the consistent temperature and outstanding heat transfer characteristics of the water. There are no wells and very little trenching are required, cutting the installation costs. Lake loop systems require an adequately sized lake to operate efficiently.

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