Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump has the ability, through reverse refrigeration, to provide both heating and cooling with one unit. In the summer a heat pump will extract heat and discharge it to the outside, leaving the inside air cooler. In the winter, by reversing the flow of the refrigerant, the unit extract heat from the outside air and brings it inside where its distributed through the ductwork. The system consists of two pieces of equipment. The condenser coil sets outside and connects via Freon lines to an a-coil located in the inside air handler which is connected to your duct distribution system. In order to meet your heating needs in weather below roughly 32 degrees, the heat pump will either come with a heat kit in the air handler or will be connected to a fossil fuel furnace.
Heat pumps are available in 20 SEER, making them an efficient means to both heat and cool your home!

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